Councillor says that immigration is to blame for Fareham’s housing need

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LAX immigration rules are the reason for a greater demand for more housing, according to Fareham’s sole Ukip councillor.

Cllr Chris Wood, who represents Stubbington on Fareham Borough Council, called on the government to tighten its borders after Fareham council announced that it needs to build another 2,000 houses by 2036 to meet growing demand.

Cllr Wood said figures from the ONS showed, if divided between authorities evenly, more people than predicted will need housing.

He said: ‘The number of people entering the UK per year, if you split that number evenly by county, then you’ll see a percentage of those people will be coming to Fareham. It is that that’s putting a strain on housing numbers, this is what happens when you don’t address the problem of immigration.’

Council leader Sean Woodward dismissed Cllr Wood’s claim and said that an ageing population and marriage break-ups had placed more pressure on the housing market than immigration.