Councillor unhappy over bus office closure

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A COUNCILLOR has spoken of his disappointment after a bus firm shut its office on the day route changes came in.

Councillor Peter Edgar, who represents the Alverstoke ward in Gosport, said he was disappointed and confused as to why First Bus had their Gosport office closed on the day a number of routes changed in the borough and the surrounding areas.

He said people that might not use the internet need alternative ways to find out the bus information.

As previously reported in The News, a number of routes have changed after cash boost from Hampshire County Council.

Councillor Edgar said: ‘I had a number of people contact me over the weekend about their confusion over the bus routes.

‘For elderly people who might not use the internet or get the local paper, they might not know about the changes.

‘They need to have someone they can talk to at the bus station office.

‘You would think on a day like yesterday, when a number of routes and times are changing, that they would find a manager of some sort to be in the office.

‘But all they got was a sign that said they could go to the Fareham, Southampton or Portsmouth offices which were open.

‘It just isn’t good enough.’

A sign on the office door stated it was closed due to staff shortages and First apologised for any inconveniences caused.

For more information on the route changes, visit