Councillor wants to see action over lack of work at South Parade Pier

WORK IN PROGRESS South Parade Pier
WORK IN PROGRESS South Parade Pier
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A TORY councillor says the owners of South Parade Pier should face the consequences if they don’t hurry up and make repairs.

As previously reported, Fred Nash and Dawn Randall were given three months in July to replace a rounded edge of the deck – called a bull nose – or else face the risk of criminal prosecution.

They didn’t seek permission from Portsmouth City Council to remove it, which they needed because the seaside attraction is listed. The terms are part of a listed building enforcement notice the owners have been issued with.

But with only a month remaining and the weather getting worse, Cllr Luke Stubbs said he’s concerned that nothing has happened.

‘There is still time this year, but if they are going to carry out this repair work it will need to be done before long because of the weather,’ he said.

‘If the owners don’t, then the council should look to take the enforcement it promised it would do.

‘I haven’t seen any work happening on the exterior of the pier in recent months.

Mr Nash refused to say whether the bull nose would be replaced or not, and said people concerned with what’s going on should mind their own business.

‘I am not going to give you that information, it might prejudice my position,’ he said. ‘Tell them, (the people concerned) to do their worst.

‘We own the pier, and we are minding our own business.

‘All these people who say they will take the pier from us are not going to. Everything is going really well.’

The back part of the pier remains shut to the general public except fishermen on the grounds of health and safety.

Leon Reis, chairman of The South Parade Trust, which wants to launch a takeover, said: ‘It will be to his credit when the bull nose is replaced. But the council should not mistake Fred talking about doing the work for actually doing it.

‘Fred is a great and clever guy at delaying the inevitable.

‘But let us see the work done before anybody starts talking about them having extra time.’