Councillor who hosted sex parties in line to be Lord Mayor of Portsmouth

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Concerns have been raised over a councillor whose home was used for sex parties becoming the next deputy Lord Mayor of Portsmouth.

Critics say they are ‘absolutely shocked’ Cllr David Fuller put himself forward for the role after learning details about his private life.

UNDER FIRE Councillor David Fuller is in line to be the Lord Mayor

UNDER FIRE Councillor David Fuller is in line to be the Lord Mayor

It was revealed two years ago the Lib Dem councillor’s property in Fareham was holding alternative sex parties for men and women.

But Cllr Fuller insists nothing illegal happened and he is more than capable of representing the city.

And he said the parties have not been held at his home since they were made public.

Portsmouth City Council members have voted unanimously in favour of Cllr Fuller becoming the next deputy Lord Mayor for the 2015/2016 year – making him eligible to be the next Lord Mayor should he be re-elected on the council next year.

But Ukip group leader, Cllr Colin Galloway, said he had no knowledge of Cllr Fuller’s past until after the vote and said it was shocking.

‘How can this man still be on the council?’, said Cllr Galloway.

‘I have serious concerns about Cllr Fuller representing our city.

‘I am just totally shocked.

‘This is not right and something has to be done.

‘I am very uncomfortable with it.

‘I would have probably abstained from voting.’

Cllr John Ferrett, Labour group leader, said the Lib Dems need to have a think about whether Cllr Fuller is right for the role.

‘What Cllr Fuller and his party need to reflect on is whether he is the right person for the job,’ he said.

‘Clearly, the deputy mayor role is a prominent position in the city.

‘He needs to consider if he can do the job given his recent history.’

Supporters say Cllr Fuller should be given a chance given his record of good work in the city.

Lib Dem councillor Les Stevens said: ‘I believed Cllr Fuller when he said he had nothing to do with the 

‘He is a very nice guy – I know without doubt that he would work his heart out for the city.

‘He has been helping lord mayors here with their various functions and charities for some years now.’

Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Lib Dem group leader, said: ‘Every councillor put their hand up to say that David should be the deputy lord mayor.

‘People have known for years he has been interested.

‘It has not been a secret, every councillor across all parties all voted for him to do the job.’

Cllr Luke Stubbs, Tory deputy leader of the council, said: ‘He is the selected candidate and let’s give him the chance to see how he gets on with the job.’

Cllr Fuller said: ‘I totally understand that some people will ask themselves am I the right person for the job?

‘I would say to them that I was elected unopposed at the council meeting and all councillors voted unanimously.

‘I did nothing illegal, the police were never involved, and there has never been an investigation.

‘I would like to think that what I do with my own private life life should remain private.

‘In the past, I’ve worked with several lord mayors of this great city.

‘I’ve been treasurer/events co-ordinator and raised thousands of pounds for well worthy causes over the past 15 years.’ Cllr Fuller added: ‘I wasn’t running them (the parties).

‘There wasn’t anything untoward.

‘No sex parties have been held at the house since.’

Cllr David Horne is set to take over as the new Lord Mayor of Portsmouth from Cllr Steven Wylie after being the 2014/2015 deputy mayor.

A final decision will be taken at the council’s annual mayor-making ceremony on May 19.

Fareham Borough Council looked into whether the parties breached planning and licensing laws but no further action was taken as there was no evidence suggesting laws had been broken.