Councillors vote to freeze Gosport’s council tax

Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan

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GOSPORT councillors have confirmed that they will freeze their share of council tax.

Gosport Borough Council voted at a meeting on Monday night to approve plans to keep the amount levied by the borough the same as in the last four years.

It means, when all parts of the bill are added together, that occupiers of a Band D property in Gosport will pay £1,453.32. As previously reported, councillors approved a budget on Wednesday, February 20 to keep tax frozen.

The budget saw the council agree to cut total spending to £10,284,090 in 2013/14 from £10,539,690 last year.

Council leader Mark Hook warned that the council must make cuts in further years.

He said government funding is due to reduce by £698,000 between 2013/14 to 2014/15 – and that the council needs to address this. Freezing the tax avoids a government penalty.