County council to look at plans for Gosport Extra Care scheme

  • Extra Care Scheme for elderly people in Gosport will be considered by county council
  • Change to plan will see redevelopment of former Addenbrooke site only
  • Other two care homes considered for plan will now be refurbished
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A DECISION will be made this week on whether the county council will support a new care scheme for older people in Gosport.

Cllr Roy Perry, executive member for policy and resources, will consider whether Hampshire County Council will money to and transfer land ownership for the Extra Care scheme for the elderly.

It is important that we provide it for people who do need extra care.

Councillor Mark Hook

As previously reported in The News, the scheme was meant to combine the site of the former Addenbrooke Residential Care Home owned by the county council with the sites of Alec Rose House and Slocum House, owned by Gosport Borough Council.

But due to a lack of funding, the extra care scheme will now only include the Addenbrooke site.

Leader of Gosport council, Councillor Mark Hook said: ‘We all recognise that people are living longer and need these extra care facilities.

‘It is important that we provide it for people who do need extra care.’

He added: ‘Because of funding problems, we won’t be converting both Alec Rose House and Slocum House into the scheme but they are being refurbished. We want to bring them into the 21st century.

‘The plan now will look at demolishing the former Addenbrooke home and building the extra care facility there.

‘Like all public services, the county council didn’t have the funding available and withdrew from the second phase of the plan earlier in the year.’

Within the report which will be considered it says: ‘The new facility will provide health and social care support to vulnerable adults to support them in regaining and/or maintaining their independence or maintaining their quality of life for as long as possible.’

It added the scheme will bring ‘state-of-the-art facilities to people in an area of need’.

Alec Rose House and Slocum House, off The Anchorage, will be refurbished to ensure all the homes have up-to-date facilities.

The initial plans to demolish the three homes and build 92 replacement properties had been met with mixed reactions.

Residents living in Alec Rose and Slocum House did not want to be forced to move from their homes.

But others welcomed the prospect of new facilities.

The refurbishments and development at Addenbrooke is expected to be complete by March 2017.