Creating grave space by ‘lift and shift’ ruled out in Gosport

PLAN Cllr Graham Burgess
PLAN Cllr Graham Burgess

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REMOVING remains from graves that are more than 75 years old has been ruled out in Gosport.

Deputy council leader Graham Burgess described the practice - known as ‘lift and shift’ - as immoral.

It comes after research carried out by the BBC showed that Gosport could soon run out of burial space.

Gosport - as well as Poole and Christchurch - were shown to be the authorities most in danger of running out of space in the south.

In Poole, it was shown that the authority would run out of space in two years, with the council in Christchurch considering ‘lift and shift’.

The practice involves digging up old graves and putting the remains into a communal grave which has a plaque of all the names of the people buried there.

But Cllr Burgess said: ‘I personally think it’s immoral.

‘They were buried in a graveyard, they should stay there.

‘I believe we have at least six years supply for people who want to be interned.

‘I am not panicking. We are looking at other sites.’

He said other sites had been looked at, but there were problems with the water table.

He said there was the possibility of extending Ann’s Hill cemetery in Gosport.

Regarding ‘lift and shift’ he added: ‘It’s not a thing we are considering in Gosport.’