Daedalus fields set to become leisure haven

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MORE than 30 acres of green fields are to be set aside for leisure use at the former HMS Daedalus site.

A consultation has been launched on plans for the area to the west of Broom Way, in the north-east of the Lee-on-the-Solent site.

The proposal sets out four different landscapes with mown footpaths that weave through the varied grasslands and meadows.

Tim Houghton, executive director of Groundwork Solent, which is running the consultation, said: ‘Around Lee people tend to move towards the shore to use the leisure space there.

‘We’re trying to offset that additional pressure on the waterfront areas.

‘This area, which has been closed off to the public for a long time, could be used for dog walking, playing with kids or whatever they want to do.

‘We want to give people the best possible opportunity to have their say about what they want on their doorstep.

‘We’re asking for people’s views on how they would like to use that space – do they want more formal design, or would they prefer it to be left as open space?’

Last month, Daedalus was awarded £5m by the Regional Generation Fund to turn it into a major hub for marine, aviation and aerospace business.

Half the money will go towards improving the runway, while the rest will be used to provide grants for businesses which plan to come to the 202-acre site or are already there. Mr Houghton added: ‘The regeneration of Daedalus is all about bringing more employment into Gosport, but also about maintaining the quality of the space for everyone.’

For more information on the project email daedalus-project@seeda.co.uk or call free on 0800 0778439.

Or call in at the Groundwork Solent offices at 49 Stoke Road, Gosport, to speak to a member of the consultation team.

To take part in the consultation, which runs until December 19, go to daedalus-seeda.co.uk/site/seeda