Damaged floor at seafront splashpool set to be repaired

The splash pool on Southsea Seafront which has closed for repair
The splash pool on Southsea Seafront which has closed for repair
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PORTSMOUTH’S seafront manager has said the damaged floor of Southsea splashpool could be replaced.

The seafront attraction, which is opposite the D-Day museum, has been temporarily shut by Portsmouth City Council after the surface was damaged over the weekend.

It is the pool’s second closure of the year after algae was discovered and had to be cleaned during May.

The damage to the bottom of the pool was discovered on Sunday when it was noticed that there were holes in the soft floor.

The council said they were caused by children and added that the attraction was likely to be closed for a few days until they can be repaired.

Seafront manager David Evans said: ‘We are fairly sure how the damage was caused.

‘It certainly wasn’t pecked at by birds because the holes are below the water line.

‘What we think happened is that a youngster took one of those micro scooters into the water and created a hole, which was then pulled and picked at by other children.

‘It wasn’t really vandalism or anything like that, just children messing about as you would expect them to do.

‘We have someone on the gate supervising who comes in, but when there are 150 people in there it can be difficult to keep an eye on everybody.’

He added that after the damage is repaired and the pool closes again at the end of the summer the soft floor will be examined more closely.

‘We will review whether it is still the right thing to have,’ he said.

‘It probably is a sensible surface for an area like that, but it is something we will consider.’

Mike Watmore, of The Retreat in Southsea, said he had been concerned that maintenance work had caused the damage, but he believed the council’s explanation.

He said: ‘You do have to ask if that is the right surface, if it is so easy to come off.

‘But the council has run into this problem before, where it trumpets how successful something is and then runs into problems.’

Mary Colbourne, 47, of Eastern Parade, added: ‘It’s a real shame to have one of the hottest days of the year and not have the splash pool open.

‘The council has to try and avoid these problems next summer.’