‘Dangerous roundabout’ needs work

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MORE needs to be done to stop people speeding over a mini- roundabout in North End.

That’s the message from 64-year-old David Harrison, who has lived in his home in Angerstein Road for 12 years.

He says that on a daily basis he hears vehicles racing towards the mini-roundabout, which has five exits – Stubbington Avenue, London Road going north and south, Gladys Avenue and Angerstein Road.

He said he has written to Portsmouth City Council for traffic calming measures to be put in.

He said: ‘We have lived here for 12 years and not a day goes by that we don’t hear screeching.

‘The speed at which people approach the roundabout is too fast.

‘Because London Road is straight, drivers don’t believe they need to slow down at the junction to the roundabout, but just go right over.

‘I’m disabled, so spend a lot of time indoors and I can hear beeping horns or the screeching of tyres about three or four times a day.

‘I think one improvement that could be made is putting in sleeping policemen at the approach of the roundabout so people slow down.’

It comes after a pedestrian was hit by a car close to the junction earlier in the week and suffered minor injuries.