Date for decision on controversial Stubbington fields estate delayed

Residents have objected to the plans to build a 1,550-home estate on fields in Stubbington
Residents have objected to the plans to build a 1,550-home estate on fields in Stubbington
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A ‘HALF-BAKED’ housing estate plan has been delayed by a developer as it looks to overcome hundreds of objections.

Hallam Land is hoping to build a 1,550-home estate on fields in Stubbington, which caused outcry from residents who want to see the land remain as a strategic gap between the village and Fareham.

Fareham Borough Council was set to make a decision on the application for outline permission this month, but delayed the date as the developer asked for more time.

Council leader Sean Woodward moved to reassure residents that this was not to give the developer any special favours but so the council could be seen as fair should it eventually reject the plan and be taken to an appeal.

Cllr Woodward also labelled the plan ‘half-baked’ and said that the developer was trying ‘desperately’ to overcome objections that would give the council the right to throw it out instantly.

Cllr Woodward said: ‘It is a half-baked application and they have obviously woken up to the fact and they now want to take off some of the more careless elements, things they really should have dealt with better right from the start.’

One of main objections to the plan is the increase in traffic the estate would bring to the area, which is already considered to be a congestion hot-spot.

Hampshire County Council’s highways department said it would object to the plans, even if the developer built a new road.

More than 700 individually-written letters of objection have been sent to the council about the estate. Cllr Woodward gave a presentation at a Community Action Team meeting in Stubbington and said these opposition letters showed the strength of feeling towards the proposed estate.

Bill Hutchison, from Hill Head Residents’ Association, was at the meeting. He said residents were very much against the plan and would fight it at every stage.

Ward councillor Chris Wood agreed. He said: ‘There is no way any houses should be built on that land. There will be a riot if they do.’

The fourth petition against the estate – containing 562 names – was handed to the council by Fareham West ward councillor Leslie Keeble and Fareham South ward councillor Dennis Steadman at the last full council meeting.

Hallam Land said it did not want to comment yesterday.