Date set for decision on 3,500-home estate

Land where the North Whitleley development is planned
Land where the North Whitleley development is planned
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CONCERNS over road building and improvements in a proposed 3,500-home development that saw the plan stall look set to be overcome.

A new date has been fixed by Winchester City Council to make a decision over the North Whiteley proposal.

Whiteley Parish Council chairman Mike Evans

Whiteley Parish Council chairman Mike Evans

The plans, from the North Whiteley Development Consortium, were put on hold after a lengthy council planning meeting at the Solent Hotel in Whiteley last month.

Concerns were raised about the consortium’s proposal to build the homes within eight years, rather than the initially proposed 12.

Councillors deferred the decision, after much debate, as they wanted to see more work done on the roads.

Mike Evans, chairman of Whiteley Town Council, said: ‘Throughout the planning process, Whiteley Town Council has highlighted the need for improvements to the highways and transport systems to maintain and enhance the long and short-term viability of Whiteley.

‘Without mitigation works, the faster delivery of housing could increase the negative impact of traffic on roads, greatly affecting residents and businesses.

‘The need to protect the wellbeing of residents during the construction process is of key concern to the town council. This includes measures to reduce congestion and ensuring fast emergency access is available when required.’

Changes have been made to the proposal meaning that, if approved, work on the roads will begin in year one rather than years four and five.

Roads such as Rookery Avenue/Parkway roundabout, Whiteley Way and Parkway North junction (R1a), among others will be improved. The plans also include better cycle lanes, footpaths and public transport.

Cllr Vivian Achwal, Winchester City councillor for Whiteley, said she would be taking a keen interest.

‘The volume of traffic coming through Whiteley is still a concern, but hopefully this is the way forward,’ she said.

The decision meeting will be held on Monday at 2pm in the Guildhall, Winchester.