Debate begins over Portsmouth recycling centre charges

BUSY The Paulsgrove recycling centre in Port Solent
BUSY The Paulsgrove recycling centre in Port Solent
Councillor Luke Stubbs

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A PROPOSAL to charge residents for disposing of high volumes of DIY waste at Portsmouth Recycling Centre ‘could increase fly-tipping’.

That is the warning one resident has given Portsmouth City Council in a consultation on the recycle centre at Port Solent.

The authority is holding a review of its services to ‘improving efficiency and cost effectiveness’.

They include reducing the hours by opening an hour later in the morning at 9am, and also allowing trade vehicles to use the site for a fee – currently they are barred.

There is also a plan to restrict the amount that residents can dispose of for free to about six 30-litre sacks of waste at a time – estimated to be a small car boot load.

But according to concerned Terrence Netting, the idea to charge residents who want to discard of large amounts of waste could increase fly-tipping.

Mr Netting told The News he believes Fareham and Havant borough councils will jump on the ‘bandwagon’ if Portsmouth’s council introduces new charges. There are already some limits on how much rubbish can be taken to the centre by individuals.

He has written to the city council with some of his concerns.

Mr Netting said: ‘Residents will make more visits to recycling centres with smaller quantities of waste to avoid charges. This is not economical and would result in more pollution along with increased traffic and congestion on roads and in the already very busy recycling centres.

‘The introduction of charges for larger quantities of garden or DIY waste will increase fly-tipping.

‘I only hope common sense will for once prevail.’

The proposal would not change the current entitlement for free disposal of small quantities of DIY waste, but would offer residents the option of paying to take in larger quantities of rubbish.

The council is also looking at ways to introduce a service for trade and commercial waste – which is currently banned from the site. Opening hours could also be reduced under the proposal.

Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson, leader of the council, said: ‘We are trying to get more people to use the tip at more times so how it would increase fly-tipping I don’t know.

‘Currently commercial vehicles can’t use the tip but this would allow them to.’

To have your say on the proposals, email or submit your opinion using the comments box at the recycling centre by Friday, December 6.