Decision to be made on Fratton Asda’s all day alcohol licence

A DECISION is due to be made on Monday over whether a city supermarket will be allowed to sell alcohol 24 hours a day.

Asda in Somers Road, Fratton, is seeking to extend its licence for the sale of alcohol to all day, as well as allow hot food and drinks to be sold at its petrol station from 11pm until 5am.

A city council committee will consider a number of objections submitted by people.

In a letter to council, one person said: ‘I live in Garnier Street and am strongly against Asda gaining a 24 hour alcohol license.


‘My car was damaged before on the street and the thought of encouraging people to walk to Asda to restock their alcohol supplies disturbs me. I do not wish intoxicated people displaying antisocial behaviour around my house.’

Another resident said: ‘The noise levels from alarms, trolleys, deliveries, maintenance and customers parking, along with anti‐social behaviour, are already a problem and 24-hour opening will exacerbate this.’

Asda said the licence would allow customers to buy drinks during existing opening hours and not mean 24 hour opening.