Demand for extra lane after roads are blocked by accident

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CALLS have been made for drastic action after a collision caused more than two hours of tailbacks and cut off Hayling Island.

A lorry collided with a car outside The Ship Inn, Langstone Road, just before Hayling Bridge.

It meant the road was blocked, with traffic backed up as far as the A3, and cars could not get off Hayling Island.

Traffic was at a standstill while police arranged recovery vehicles. One person was taken to hospital with neck pains.

Sara Hill, of Bembridge Drive, Hayling, was stuck for two and a half hours..

The 38-year-old, said: ‘I managed to get out of Tesco in Solent Road onto Park Road South and then came to a complete standstill. Once we’d got past the Langstone roundabout we got stuck again.

‘The ambulance managed to get past by cars mounting the pavement. From Tesco to my front door it took two and a half hours.

‘I do think we need an extra lane, even if it’s just open for accidents or emergency vehicles.’

There is a council blueprint for just under 600 homes for the island between now and 2026. The pressure on Hayling bridge has been one of the major reasons people have objected to it.

Andy Lenaghan, Hayling West councillor, said: ‘My wife has been in hospital and my daughters were coming over to visit her but they couldn’t event get on the island.

‘In situations like this we need to find a way of opening a single lane quickly and diverting traffic, a way of easing the burden. A way needs to be found of widening that stretch of road.

‘It’s easy enough to sit here and say that but obviously there has to be land available. It may mean cutting down some trees which won’t be popular. But when you see the island cut off like happened on Monday something has to be done.’

In a statement Councillor Mel Kendal, in charge of environment and transport at Hampshire County Council, said: ‘The county council reviews all injury accidents on the Hampshire road network and if they form a clear cluster or pattern throughout the year locations can be included as part of our overall casualty reduction programme work. We will investigate the circumstances of this incident as part of this process but with regard to the calls for widening of the road or creating an additional lane it is unlikely this would have prevented these particular circumstances occurring.’

He said traffic delays are posted on electronic signs on the road network warning drivers to avoid affected areas.