Deputy council leader labels calls to remove Nelson statue as ‘ludicrous’

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A DEPUTY council leader has labelled calls to have a statue removed as ‘ludicrous.’

The future of the statue of British naval hero Lord Nelson has been questioned after a prominent writer said he was a ‘white supremacist.’

Columnist Afua Hirsch has called for the removal of Nelson’s Column in London’s Trafalgar Square,

A fellow monument to Nelson also stands in Old Portsmouth, with another column in his honour overlooking the city on Portsdown Hill.

Ms Hirsch said the London statue should be removed as Nelson ‘vigorously defended’ the practice of slavery.

Councillor Luke Stubbs, deputy leader of Portsmouth City Council said: ‘No-one can rewrite history and to judge historical figures by the standards of today is ludicrous.

‘In America, the Left’s attempts to expunge people from the history books has moved from being supported by a radical fringe to becoming mainstream. I hope that does not happen here and we can avoid flushing our past down the memory hole.’