Derelict former pub site in Fareham will be given new lease of life

The old Hampshire Rose pub site, in Fareham, has been a wasteland for five years
The old Hampshire Rose pub site, in Fareham, has been a wasteland for five years

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A DERELICT piece of land which has stood empty for years may finally get a new lease of life when it is sold.

The old Hampshire Rose pub site, in Fareham, is owned by Hampshire County Council but has remained a wasteland for five years.

But there is good news for residents living nearby as the site will be given to Fareham Borough Council which want to build affordable housing on the land.

Both councils have been in talks to get the land signed over to the borough council and council leader, Councillor Sean Woodward has said the deal is practically done.

‘There is a 100 per cent chance that Fareham Borough Council will be the owners of this land soon,’ he said.

‘We hope to have a deal done imminently.

‘We have been in contact with the county council and I have an assurance that talks will start immediately to transfer the land.

‘The county council bought the land because they thought they wanted it for adult or children services but they decided to not use it all.’

The site is big enough for 10 to 12 affordable houses and for ward councillors, Councillor Peter Davies and Councillor David Whittingham, that would be its best use.

Cllr Davies said: ‘We need more affordable housing in the borough and this land would be great for it.

‘We are happy that the deal is going through and we hope we can work out an exchange between ourselves and the county council.’

Fareham Borough Council is hoping it can swap the land they own in Wynton Way with the derelict site as Hampshire County Council runs a day care centre on that road.

Cllr Davies said: ‘It makes sense for the land to be swapped.

‘The county council can expand on the Kershaw Adult Day centre if they wish and we can build on the Hampshire Rose site.’

Cllr Whittingham added: ‘We have been trying to get this piece of land for more than five years so it is great that we can finally build on it.’

As previously reported in The News, residents had spoken of their concerns of the site and said the land is a waste.

Karl Matthews, 35, of Nashe Way, said the empty land is ‘a waste’ and suggested a new pub should be built there.

Trevor Sansom, 41, of Rowner Close, added: ‘They should build a new community or social centre or maybe another pub.’