Derelict hotel to become care home and housing site

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PLANS for a care home and houses on a site described as a ‘festering sore’ by councillors have been given the green light.

The Hinton Hotel in Catisfield Lane, Fareham, has long been a bone of contention in the village.

Residents have said that its current dilapidated state spoils the village and lowers the tone of the area.

The buildings have often been at the centre of controversy and have been linked to drug use.

Last year, a drunk man set his room on fire and jumped out of his window.

Now the plans have passed through planning, developers will build a 50-bed care home and 32 houses on the site.

The plans were finally agreed after more than a year of alterations.

The original plans went before Fareham Borough Council in October 2011 but were rejected for a number of reasons, including the proposed size of the scheme being too large, and there not being enough parking.

The developers have altered the plans and addressed the concerns, allowing councillors to unanimously agree to the work.

Two objections were raised at yesterday’s planning meeting from neighbours who fear their houses will be overlooked by the new buildings.

Councillors felt that these houses were sufficiently far enough away from the development.

Councillors felt that the existing properties were far more detrimental to the conservation area than the proposed development.

Neighbours said they were relieved that something was going to happen at the site after years of concerns about it.

Catisfield Lane resident Surgeon Captain Robert Carmichael said: ‘It’s passed at long last.

‘I have been lobbying for this for over 40 years.

‘It has been bad for the village for so long. It’s a relief.’

Chairwoman of Catisfield Residents’ Association Judy Ekins said: ‘Finally the right thing has happened

‘Nothing can be perfect but I think this is the right way forward for Catisfield.’

Chairman of the planning committee Councillor Nick Walker said: ‘This has gone on and on.

‘It has been a festering sore for more than 30 years.

‘As a scheme it looks good and of quality.’