Disappointment for hut owners 
as rent goes up

Beach huts at Hill Head
Beach huts at Hill Head
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OWNERS of beach huts are upset that their rent will increase by 26 per cent over the next three years.

At a Fareham Borough Council executive meeting, the decision was made to gradually implement the rent increase of beach huts in Cliff Road, Hill Head.

Owners will see the cost rise from £379 annually to £477.

But they were disappointed because in previous years the rent had increased by just five per cent.

Percy O’Dell, chairman of the Fareham Beach Hut Association said: ‘I was disappointed with the decision.

‘Obviously it is a good thing that the rise in rent will come over the course of three years but it is still more than an eight per cent increase every year.’

Mr O’Dell was at the meeting and gave a deputation along with fellow member Andrew Slee.

They both also had concerns about the amount of money people living outside Fareham have to pay for a beach hut.

Mr O’Dell added: ‘People living outside Fareham will have to pay almost double which is wrong.

‘There should be rates for people living in the borough, those living in Hampshire and those who live outside both.’

Ward councillor Tim Knight, along with councillors Chris Wood and Katrina Trott, also showed their opposition to such a steep increase.

Cllr Knight particularly picked out the section of the report that compared Hayling Island beach hut rents to Hill Head.

He said: ‘Hayling Island and Hill Head are two very different places.

‘At Hayling, there is a lot more space for the huts.

‘They also have patrollers keeping an eye on the surrounding area.

‘In Hill Head, the promenade is right against the huts and people have been complaining about the dog mess and cyclists.

‘So I don’t think it was right for that comparison to be made.’

He added: ‘I don’t see why there has to be a sudden 26 per cent increase when for the past few years there has been a five per cent which has worked.’

There are 171 beach huts leased to Fareham residents, and 39 to people outside of the borough.