Disgraced Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock under fire for standing again

Mike Hancock
Mike Hancock
  • Woman subjected to Mike Hancock’s advances says disgraced MP shows ‘no remorse’
  • Portsmouth South MP refuses to address victim’s comments but takes shot at former friend and Lib Dem parliamentary candidate Gerald Vernon-Jackson
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THE woman subjected to the advances of Mike Hancock says she is outraged that the disgraced MP wants to retain his Portsmouth South seat.

Mr Hancock declared he was spurred on by supporters in making the decision to defend his parliamentary position at the general election on May 7.

But his move has been met with anger by the vulnerable female constituent he formed an ‘inappropriate friendship’ with after she turned to him for help in October 2009, in his then role as a Fratton councillor.

Despite denying for years he had done anything wrong, Mr Hancock said sorry to the woman for his actions through a public apology issued at the High Court last summer.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said Mr Hancock’s intention to stand shows he has ‘no remorse’ for what he did and that he should have quit politics long ago.

‘I feel shocked and outraged that Michael Hancock should have the audacity to stand for re-election, he appears to have learned absolutely nothing,’ she said. ‘His inference that he has somehow suffered enough I find particularly repugnant. He demonstrates no remorse or insight into his behaviours.

I feel shocked and outraged that Michael Hancock should have the audacity to stand for re-election, he appears to have learned absolutely nothing.

Woman subjected to advances of Mike Hancock, who cannot be named for legal reasons

‘Every time I see his face in the media, I am forced to relive the trauma of what he did to me.

‘He should have resigned from all public office years ago.’

Mr Hancock refused to respond specifically to the criticism.

‘I can’t stop her saying anything,’ he said.

‘I have to accept everything that’s thrown at me and I have to put up with that.

‘If I thought I couldn’t handle it, I wouldn’t have put my name forward.’

He remains undecided over whether to run again as a Fratton councillor, having lost his seat last year.

It comes after former friend and Lib Dem Portsmouth South candidate, Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, said Mr Hancock had ‘no chance’ of retaining his seat.

Addressing Cllr Vernon-Jackson’s comments, Mr Hancock said: ‘I was surprised to hear he was phoning around to check people’s loyalty. He can think what he likes.’

‘I got Gerald out of more jams than I can care to remember.’

Ukip parliamentary candidate, Steve Harris, said: ‘(Mike Hancock standing) is going to change the election from being a Lib Dem-Tory race to a Tory-Ukip race, because Mr Hancock does have a following, as misguided as that may be.’