'˜Do more to get rid of dog mess' - resident urges Portsmouth City Council to clean up the streets

A FRATTON resident has called for the council to do more to tackle dog fouling, eight months after his first complaint was lodged.

Wednesday, 16th May 2018, 1:12 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:26 am
One of the pictures of dog mess taken by Shane Vine in Fratton

Shane Vine, a keen dog-walker, voiced his frustrations at what he called Portsmouth City Council’s limited resources following a back-and-forth with the council that began in September last year. He claimed that the council’s team of 16 wardens and officers was not enough to cope with dog fouling and litter across the whole of Portsmouth.

The 31-year-old originally contacted the local authority to pinpoint nearby hot spots for dog mess including Walmer Road, Byerley Road, Newcome Road and Ernest Road. However, he was disappointed when the response refused to take the claim further because he was the only person in the area to complain about dog fouling.

He said: ‘After receiving that letter I took a picture of every bit of dog mess I found when I went out for a walk. There was some every 10-15 metres.

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‘I then sent these pictures to the council. They answered and said they would sent someone out. But a few weeks later nothing had been done as far as I could tell.

‘I later spoke to the environmental team and the woman there told me they have to catch someone in the act to be able to fine them. Or if someone reports when and where it happened they will go back the same time the next day to try to catch them. This is such a silly system.’

As the owner of a mastiff cross Mr Vine felt very strongly about those who don’t clean up after their pets. He said: ‘Residents should be more responsible for their dogs and their waste, it’s not that hard.’

‘I think the council needs to increase the number of people that work for the environmental team. But this problem starts at the top, I know they have massive budgets for departments,’ he added.

A spokesperson from Portsmouth City Council said: ‘We have a small team of community wardens and environmental enforcement officers who work very hard to keep the city clean and tidy.

‘They tackle issues with dog fouling and littering and can issue on the spot fines but we strongly encourage people to take responsibility themselves for clearing up after their dog and for disposing of their own litter responsibly in the bins provided.’

They urged people to report issues using the My Portsmouth app or by calling 023 9284 1105.

The council currently has four enforcement officers, eight community wardens and four high street wardens to deal with dog fouling and littering.