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DON’T leave your vote sitting on your mantelpiece.

That’s the message to the 13,400 voters in Havant borough who have requested a postal vote.

The elections are being held for Hampshire County Council seats on Thursday.

In Havant there are also two borough council by-elections, for seats in Emsworth and Bedhampton.

Voters who have left it too late to put their slips in the post can still vote right up until the close of polling at 10pm on Thursday.

Postal votes can be dropped in at any polling station in your electoral division.

Sandy Hopkins, chief executive of Havant Borough Council, said: ‘Democracy is a privilege we must cherish and nurture. It is important that everyone who has the right to vote does so in whatever way is convenient for them.

‘Postal voting has become increasingly popular in recent years. Don’t forget you can use your postal vote right up until 10pm on Thursday.’