‘Don’t leave it too long to trim your hedges’

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‘Youthquake’ named word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries - but what does it mean?

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HOMEOWNERS are being asked to make sure overgrown greenery does not cause a problem for drivers.

With bird-nesting season over, highways officers are urging people to see if they need to trim back overhanging vegetation now, rather than wait for an official reminder to arrive in the post.

Councillor Bob Lanzer, West Sussex County Council’s highways and infrastructure boss, said: ‘Overhanging hedges and other vegetation can cause various problems, including obscuring road users’ views of potential dangers, and obstructing pavements for all, including people using disability buggies and parents pushing prams.

‘Another, increasing problem we have found is buses and other commercial vehicles colliding with overgrown trees and low-hanging branches.’

Legally, the owner or occupier of a property is responsible for ensuring adjacent roads and pavements are not obstructed by vegetation.

For more details, see westsussex.gov.uk and search ‘tree and hedge maintenance’.