Draft plan to protect Hampshire takes another big step forward

PLAN Cllr Mel Kendal
PLAN Cllr Mel Kendal

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A PLAN to protect the environment and support the economy in Hampshire will be considered by county councillors.

Hampshire’s Minerals and Waste Plan could soon be taking another step towards adoption by the five minerals and waste planning authorities in the county.

Following scrutiny of the draft plan by an independent planning inspector and the public examination hearings held in June, councillors will be asked to consider the recommendations for changes to the draft plan to ensure it is ‘sound’.

The outcome of the public hearings and the potential changes to be made will be reported to the county council’s cabinet at an extraordinary meeting on Monday, September 10.

Councillors will then have the opportunity to consider the issues at the full council meeting 10 days later.

Councillor Mel Kendal, said: ‘Now that we have had the first stage of public examination, we are moving the plan closer to adoption. In our view the process has gone well, thanks to the work of the planning inspector and the people he invited to take part in the public hearings in June.’

The draft plan considers the effects of minerals and waste on surrounding areas too, and Hampshire officers have been in communication with the relevant councils.