Drive-through is on the menu on factory site

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PLANS have been submitted for Gosport’s first drive-through restaurant.

But a ward councillor has said residents in Fareham Road living near the proposed site are not looking forward to it.

A planning application has been submitted to Gosport Borough Council to redevelop the former Cyanamid factory.

If work is to go ahead it will see the creation of a drive-through restaurant and coffee shop with parking.

But a deal has yet to be agreed with any firms ahead of the possible redevelopment.

Councillor Dennis Wright is a member for Bridgemary North ward and is leader of the Labour group at the council.

He said: ‘Residents in the area are concerned about this.

‘This will increase traffic, along with the noise levels rising with people using the site.

‘Also, there will be more and more waste outside the site.’

Cllr Wright said residents in the area already have to deal excess noise levels, with Vector Aerospace close by, which does the maintenance work on the British fleet of Chinooks.

He added: ‘Many houses back on to the Fleetlands site.

‘This creates high levels of noise and movement for residents to deal with, without the proposed plans.’

Lib Dem leader Cllr Peter Chegwyn said he welcomes the plans.

He said: ‘If it is going to create jobs then I am all for it.

‘Lots of jobs were lost after the closure of Cyanamid.

‘So it is vital we try and have a chance to get people into employment on this site.

‘So many disused sites in Gosport are being reused for housing and it is important some are redeveloped for businesses.

‘I will always welcome new services and new jobs in Gosport.

‘The A32 is a busy road and will be a good place for a businesses like this.’

Developer Oceanic Estates is the same firm building Fareham Business Park, Fareham Road, Gosport, which is next to the proposed site.

If approved the restaurant will be open from 6am to midnight.