Drivers’ anger at changes to Rudmore roundabout in Portsmouth

The new M275 bus lane with traffic backed up as it narrows down to two lanes''''Picture: Paul Jacobs (141043-1)
The new M275 bus lane with traffic backed up as it narrows down to two lanes''''Picture: Paul Jacobs (141043-1)
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MOTORISTS have criticised the new layout of the Rudmore Road roundabout in Portsmouth with many fearing it will make congestion worse and cause accidents.

The changes are part of the city’s new park-and-ride service, which officially opens today.

But many drivers have become frustrated by the new bus lanes and say it has become confusing and dangerous.

Dozens of people took to The News’ Facebook page to vent their frustrations.

Ben Knight said: ‘Who on earth thought it was a good idea to implement a bus lane for the park and ride?

‘Weekends were hectic enough trying to get into the city via the M275 with three lanes, add to that when the football is on at Fratton Park, and the usual Gunwharf visitors as well.

‘This is going to cause absolute mayhem and major disruption on busy weekends and even more so when Portsmouth or Southsea host any festivals or any other popular events.’

Rose Key said: ‘I work on Whale Island so have no choice but to use it everyday. It’s awful. I get stuck in traffic and crawl from one end of Kingston Crescent to the other each morning. Coming home isn’t much better, especially with vehicles coming from the ferryport.’

Rachel Cameron added: ‘The traffic lights are awful. Heading out of town they change ridiculously fast only letting four or possibly five cars through which is then causing huge tailbacks at quiet times of the day.

‘It is very frustrating. The new bus lane layout is also an accident waiting to happen, and I can’t believe that they changed the road last week without any warning.

‘I along with numerous other people had no idea where we were meant to be. It’s so dangerous.’

Pam Turton, Portsmouth City Council’s assistant head of service for transport, said: ‘As part of the park-and-ride project we have introduced a bus lane from the new M275 junction into the city centre.

‘This included work on the layout of Rudmore roundabout, its approaches and exits, and the introduction of traffic signals. Before the roundabout was signalised heavy traffic flow from one or two directions dominated the roundabout meaning other drivers suffered long waits. The new system ensures a fairer traffic flow for all.

‘Sensors register the traffic approaching from each direction and balance the signal timings accordingly.

‘We are continuing to monitor the roundabout closely to ensure the timing of the signals is optimised and they keep all traffic flowing as well as possible.’