East Hampshire District Council hits back over cosmetics criticism

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A COUNCIL has defended a scheme which lets councillors and staff buy cheap cosmetics.

East Hampshire District Council came under fire from Lib Dem leader Adam Carew because councillors and workers often buy discounted cosmetics from Estee Lauder, which has a factory in Petersfield.

Cllr Carew said: ‘I immediately tabled a question to the conservative leader and chief executive asking whether this is appropriate.

‘The council’s response says it’s not an issue, but I disagree.

‘The people of East Hampshire will be appalled and horrified to think their elected councillors are getting discounts to pamper themselves during a recession.’

But leaders said the discounts were offered to organisations in the area and items are bought from people’s personal cash.

A statement said: ‘Estee Lauder issues tickets to many businesses and organisations, such as the police and other large employers. The goods sold at these events are mainly excess stock or end of range products.’