Effort to cut domestic abuse

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A COUNCIL has shown off its ‘innovative work’ helping families and children to MPs.

Portsmouth City Council took part in the Bright Futures exhibition in Parliament, hosted by the Local Government Association (LGA).

The event was aimed at highlighting the importance of children’s services.

Portsmouth has founded Up2U, a programme aimed at reducing family violence. It has been set up to help stop people using abusive and unhealthy behaviours in relationships.

The city council said the LGA had been ‘inspired’ by the efforts of the authority to tackle family violence locally and was keen to give Portsmouth a national platform.

Dan, a parent taking part in the programme said: ‘I feel like I have more control. I used to lose my temper really quickly, but now I’m much calmer.’

Councillor Rob Wood, cabinet member for children and families at the council, said: ‘Up2U is addressing issues that really need attention, so the more work that goes into this, the better. The programme is successfully reducing the number of families resorting to abusive behaviour in the home, proving that this work is essential.’

The project is backed by both of Portsmouth’s MPs.