Election will be a mix of youth and experience

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CANDIDATES hoping for your vote in Havant have been announced.

Ten seats are up for grabs in the Havant Borough Council elections on May 10, one in each ward.

And the names and details of the 42 candidates set to battle it out to represent their local community for the next four years are listed below.

In one ward, Bedhampton, a battle between youth and experience looks likely to unfold.

In 2007, the area returned Ann Buckley, one of only three Lib Dem councillors serving on the council.

But Cllr Buckley, also a Hampshire County Councillor, has stepped down, to spend more time with her family, and in her place a former Bedhampton councillor, Anthony Welch, will stand.

Cllr Buckley said: ‘I want to spend more time with my elderly mother and grandchildren. I will remain as the county council representative for Bedhampton and Leigh Park where I have served for over six years.’

Mr Welch, who is out of the country for two weeks, and was unable yesterday to speak to The News, left the council at the 2007 election, after commitments abroad caused him to attend just two out of nine council meetings from November 2005 to December 2006.

But it is known he hopes his experience as a councillor will appeal to voters.

Labour candidate Ralph Cousins, 73, is another with experience on the council, which he served on for 18 years.

He said: ‘I am an alderman of the borough and I know people want us to use the money we have to make their lives better. The environment and the state of our roads are important.’

At 33, Tory hopeful George Smith is a relative youngster in Havant politics.

He said: ‘I was brought up here and want to help my community. I want to bring new ideas and input to help continue the council’s excellent financial record.’



Ralph Cousins, Labour

Stephen Harris, UKIP

Terry Mitchell, Green

George Smith,


Tony Welch, Lib Dem


John Jacobs, Lib Dem

David Ludlam, Green

Ken Monks, Labour

Marjorie Smallcorn, Conservative


Richard Galloway, Conservative

Susan Kelly, Green

Steve Marshall, Lib Dem

James Smith, Labour

Alex Spurge, UKIP

Hart Plain

Tamzan Crabb, Lib Dem

Gerry Shimbart,


Francesca Trowse, Labour

Hayling East

Dave Collins, Conservative

Gary Kerrin, UKIP

Sheila Mealy, Labour

Paul Pritchard, Lib Dem

Helena Youle, Green

Hayling West

Ann Brown, Lib Dem

Sue Holt, Green

Brenda Kerrin, UKIP

Andy Lenaghan, Conservative

Jack Mealy, Labour


Hilary Farrow,


Tasha Harper, Lib Dem

Lisa Wheeler, Labour

St Faiths

Ray Bolton, Conservative

Jane Briggs, Lib Dem

Tim Dawes, Green

Oliver Edwards, Labour

Raymond Finch, UKIP


Ann Bazley, Lib Dem

Cyril Hilton, Conservative

David Potts, Labour


Paul Buckley, Conservative

Fred Dunford, Lib Dem

Richard Jannaway, Green

Diana Nottingham, Labour