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PARKING woe in a village is to be alleviated by the implementation of a council plan.

Fareham Borough Council has been looking at ways to overcome problems with parking in Titchfield.

Ward councillor Connie Hockley said: ‘There are a large majority of residents in favour that think [the plan] is a good idea and there are those against it but such is village and community life.

‘We have to run with it and see how it works out.’

Villagers were upset as they felt the village’s car parking spaces were being used by people who work in Fareham, who would park and travel into the town to use the cheaper parking.

The car parking spaces on the village square were also a sticking point as there were claims that staff of businesses on The Square were using the spaces to park all day preventing customers from stopping for a short amount of time.

After much debate, the council conducted an undercover survey to monitor the car parking spaces.

It was thought that the original publicised survey held earlier in the year had failed because offending people knew about the survey and changed their behaviour while it was taking place.

A further survey took place which highlighted the need for more short-term spaces.

Council leader Sean Woodward signed off a plan at the last executive meeting which will see changes to the parking arrangements in Titchfield village centre, including The Square, Barry’s Meadow car park and Titchfield Community Centre car park.

These changes will see an extra eight spaces in The Square restricted to 30-minutes with no return within one hour between 8am and 6pm Monday to Sunday.

This now means a total of 13 spaces in The Square will have this restriction.

One space in The Square will also be converted to motor-cycle parking.

Parking permits for business users will be removed from Barry’s Meadow car park forcing staff to park in the community centre car park, freeing up spaces for visitors.

Titchfield Community Centre car park will be re-arranged creating an extra 25 to 30 parking spaces.

The scheme will cost the council around £6,000 and it will be reviewed in one year.

Speaking at the executive meeting councillor Trevor Cartwright said: ‘It is the only way forward.’