Fareham Borough Council election candidates

Diesel tax, benefits and five other law changes you need to know about in 2018

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These are the candidates for the May elections to Fareham Borough Council.

Keith Barton – Conservative

Conor Morris – Labour

Paul Whittle – Lib Dems

Fareham North Ward

Simon Brown - Labour

Pamela Bryant - Conservative

Jak Gunter - Independent

David Harrison - Green Party

Steve Richards - Ukip

Peter Trott - Lib Dems

Fareham North West Ward

Peter Davies - Conservative

Bob Ingram - Ukip

Jim Palmer - Lib Dems

Steve Roberts - Independent

Richard Ryan - Labour

Fareham South Ward

James Carr - Labour

Sean Evans - Lib Dems

Dennis Steadman - Conservative

Paul Sturgess - Ukip

Vincent Taylor - Independent

Fareham West Ward

Leslie Keeble - Conservative

George Neill - Ukip

Rowena Palmer - Lib Dems

Sarah Taylor - Independent

James Webb - Labour

Hill Head Ward

Kenneth Cast - Ukip

Daniel Hawkes - Lib Dems

Nicholas Knight - Labour

Arthur Mandry - Conservative

Locks Heath Ward

Susan Bayford - Conservative

Angela Carr - Labour

Sue Hardie - Lib Dems

Park Gate Ward

Brian Bayford - Conservative

Ivan Burdfield - Green Party

Martin Francis - Lib Dems

Helen Price - Labour

Portchester East Ward

Tina Ellis – Conservative

Geoffrey Fazackarley - Lib Dems

Peter Furby - Conservative

Roger Price - Lib Dems

Stuart Rose - Labour

Cameron Crouchman - Labour

Portchester West Ward

Susan Bell - Conservative

Shaun Cunningham - Lib Dems

Tom Davies - Ukip

Leslie Ricketts - Labour

Sarisbury Ward

Mary Holliday-Bishop - Lib Dems

Karen Postle - Labour

Sean Woodward - Conservative

Stubbington Ward

James Forrest - Lib Dems

Pal Hayre - Conservative

David Light - Labour

Christopher Wood - Ukip

Titchfield Ward

Susan Boyce - Independent

Connie Hockley - Conservative

Michael Prior - Labour

Jill Underwood - Lib Dems

Titchfield Common Ward

Jack Englefield - Independent

Tom Fyfe - Conservative

Andrew Mooney - Labour

Hugh Pritchard - Lib Dems

Geoffrey Townley - Ukip

Warsash Ward

Trevor Cartwright - Conservative

Miles Grindey - Green Party

Craig Lewis - Lib Dems

Nicola Moore - Labour

David Nightingale - Ukip