Fareham Borough Council election results

WINNER Tory winning candidate David Whittingham with Fareham Council leader Sean Woodward, left, and MP Mark Hoban, right, after the count.  Picture: Ian Hargreaves
WINNER Tory winning candidate David Whittingham with Fareham Council leader Sean Woodward, left, and MP Mark Hoban, right, after the count. Picture: Ian Hargreaves
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THE Tories tightened their grip on Fareham, holding all the seats they defended and gaining one.

THE Conservatives have tightened their grip on Fareham Borough Council after holding all the seats they contested, and gaining an extra one in the election.

After half the seats were fought for, the balance of power in Fareham is now 24 Tory councillors, six Lib Dems and one independent.

New councillor Dave Whittingham had to wait until the last seat to be called at 2.30am to hear he had taken the Fareham North West seat in what turned out to be the night’s closest-run race. He won from Lib Dem candidate Jim Palmer by just 26 votes.

It had previously been held by Lib Dem Eric Dunn who stood down at this election.

Cllr Whittingham said: ‘It’s absolutely brilliant – I would like to thank everyone who’s supported me.

‘I come from Fareham North West and people have always come to me with their problems, now I can do something about them.

‘I want the people to tell me what their issues are, I will listen with great interest and try to sort them out.’

Council leader Sean Woodward said: ‘It has been a fantastic night – we kept everything we had and increased majorities in some cases, plus we gained a seat.

‘Nothing changes at all in terms of who runs the council, but it’s a good vote of confidence in the policies we have and the difficult choices we have had to make recently.

‘People predicted we would lose a string of seats because of the decisions we’ve made, but now we’ve got to push ahead with those policies.’

Christopher Wood, UKIP candidate for Stubbington came the closest to causing an upset, falling 107 votes short of unseating Kay Mandry, a councillor since 2004.

The 22-year-old said: ‘I’m very, very proud of what I’ve achieved, but a little disappointed I didn’t get slightly more in the end.

‘It goes to show what you can do if you listen to the public and work very hard.

‘I’ve been in the village almost every day with a table and a placard I painted myself – I was out in the rain and all weathers.

‘The amount of effort can nearly cause an upset. I wasn’t very confident at first but in the last week I was getting a lot more confident.’

Cllr Trevor Howard, returning to Fareham South, said: ‘It’s marvellous to win, but it has been hard work with the rain and the weather working against us.

‘I was hoping I would get back in but you can’t be too confident.

‘I work hard in the community, in projects like Broadwalk and all that and I think I’ve earned this win.

‘It’s not just about the month before the election, it’s about being there all year round.’



Katrina Trott, Lib Dem * 1,304

Keith Barton, Con 635

Conor Morris, Lab 239

Majority 669

Turnout 37.51%

Lib Dem hold


John Bryant, Con * 1,175

Peter Trott, Lib Dem 365

Stuart Rose, Lab 252

David Harrison, Green 228

Majority 810

Turnout 35.69%

Con hold


David Whittingham, Con 573

Jim Palmer, Lib Dem 547

Michael Prior, Lab 249

Bob Ingram, UKIP 214

Majority 26

Turnout 28.19%

Con gain from Lib Dem


Trevor Howard, Con * 699

James Carr, Lab 471

John Vivian, Green 204

Gina Dungworth, Lib Dem 119

Majority 228

Turnout 27.46%

Con hold


Nick Gregory, Con * 1,138

Rowena Palmer, Lib Dem 399

Steve Richards, UKIP 332

Cameron Crouchman, Lab 226

Majority 739

Turnout 38.64%

Con hold


Tim Knight, Con * 1,608

Sandra Abrams, Lib Dem 465

Nicholas Knight, Lab 325

Majority 1,143

Turnout 39.92%

Con hold


Keith Evans, Con 1,135

Hugh Pritchard, Lib Dem 347

Angela Carr, Lab 304

Majority 788

Turnout 31.62%

Con hold


Marian Ellerton, Con * 1,042

Helen Price, Lab 360

Lizette Van Niekerk, Lib Dem 215

Majority 682

Turnout 27.22%

Con hold


David Norris, Lib Dem * 1,516

Alison Walker, Con 791

Richard Ryan, Lab 492

Majority 725

Turnout 31.81%

Lib Dem hold


Nick Walker, Con * 997

Bob Gray, Lib Dem 431

Les Ricketts, Lab 220

Pete White, UKIP 205

Rosemary Byatt, Green 134

Majority 566

Turnout 31.48%

Con hold


David Swanbrow, Con * 1,238

Brenda Caines, Lab 241

Ian Pike, Lib Dem 180

Majority 997

Turnout 29.78%

Con hold


Kay Mandry, Con * 940

Christopher Wood, UKIP 833

Craig Lewis, Lib Dem 650

Majority 107

Turnout 42.81%

Con hold


Tiffany Harper, Con * 1,238

Simon Brown, Lab 350

David Leonard, Lib Dem 248

Majority 888

Turnout 31.82%

Con hold


Sarah Pankhurst, Con 873

Sue Hardie, Lib Dem 496

Andrew Mooney, Lab 287

Majority 377

Turnout 29.22%

Con hold


Michael Ford, Con 1,431

Nicola Moore, Lab 266

Deborah Hughes, Lib Dem 146

Majority 1,165

Turnout 33.51%

Con hold