Fareham Borough Council to take out ‘anti-social’ Portchester tennis courts

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TENNIS courts blamed for attracting anti-social behaviour are to be removed.

Fareham Borough Council’s ruling executive has taken the decision to remove the courts at Portchester Community Centre on Westlands Grove.

However, it wants to find a way of doing it cheaply as officers say it would cost £80,000 to do the necessary work.

Council leader Cllr Sean Woodward, said: ‘We were all shocked at the price in the officers’ report of £80,000 to remove them, so we are putting that out to tender for the contract.

‘Those courts have caused tremendous problems – a lot of the residents wanted them removed.

‘Once they have been removed, and once the new community centre is opened we will consult the local community about what they would like there.’

A new £2m centre is being built next to the existing building. Once the new facility is completed, the old centre will be demolished.