Fareham Borough Council wants 25 per cent of cash from charity bins

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The head of the air ambulance says he is sad that Fareham Borough Council wants to take away money the charity raises from textile recycling.

A report will go before the council at its meeting next week which, if agreed, will see 25 per cent of all money raised from textile recycling bins go straight to the council.

Until recently the recycling bins were run by Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, in conjunction with recycling partner Bag It Up.

In September, the authority decided to take over the running of the recycling bins, which are on council-owned land.

The council’s contract with the European Recycling Company started on April 1.

The council will now decide how to split the profits.

The public were asked where the money should go by way of a questionnaire, to which 458 people responded.

Their responses were used to base the proposed split of the profits on.

The report recommends that 49 per cent of the profits go to the council’s community fund, which community groups could bid for a share of, 26 per cent remains with the air ambulance and 25 per cent will go straight to the borough to ‘keep council tax down’.

Chief executive of Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance John Perry said: ‘We would like to thank the council for allowing us to place the clothes bins on their land for a number of years.

‘It saddens us that they have taken money away from a charity which benefits the people of Fareham.’

Last year the air ambulance raised about £14,000 from bins in Fareham.

It needs £125,000 a month to keep flying.

A council spokesman said the authority will be doing more to promote the use of the bins and the money will continue to help keep council tax down.

Users of one of the changed bins at Asda, Newgate Lane, Fareham, were not impressed.

Nicole Tyreman, 52, from Stubbington: ‘I don’t agree at all. It’s a disgrace.’

Helen Bell, 24, from Gosport, said: ‘The money should be for the charity, not the council.’

Joseph Cooil, 33, from Whiteley, said: ‘The council gets enough as it is, without taking from charities.’

Fareham council operates 37 textile recycling bins in the borough, of which 10 used to be run by the air ambulance.

These bins will be changing colour to blue.