Fareham councillor quits Lib Dems to join the Conservatives

Councillor Nick Gregory
Councillor Nick Gregory
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FAREHAM councillor Nick Gregory has announced he is switching his political allegiance from the Liberal Democrats to the Conservatives.

Cllr Gregory, who had strongly opposed the council’s plans to build 7,000 new homes in the north of Fareham, announced his decision today.

As the Conservatives group already control of the borough council, Cllr Gregory’s defection only adds to their majority of 15 seats over the Lib Dems.

The ward councillor for Fareham West, said: ‘I believe that the people I represent in Fareham West are best served by me being a member of the Conservative group.

‘I believe that the new local plan (Core Strategy) being pursued by the council is sound and that the development of a new community to the North of Fareham is in the best interests of my residents as it gives the best possible chance of protecting the countryside around Titchfield Abbey and Peak Lane from development.’

Lib Dem councillor Paul Whittle, said: ‘I am very disappointed by Nick’s decision and action. Nick enjoyed a huge amount of support from us as friends and colleagues to get himself elected in the by-election.’