Fareham councillor under fire for sharing Britain First posts on Facebook

Fareham councillor Nick Gregory
Fareham councillor Nick Gregory
  • Independent Nick Gregory said he did not realise they were from far right group
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A COUNCILLOR has been criticised for mistakenly sharing Facebook posts from far-right group Britain First.

Nick Gregory, an independent councillor, who represents Fareham West on Fareham Borough Council, has shared at least two of the posts from Britain First’s Facebook page – one supporting bringing back national service and one condemning terrorists who go abroad to fight for Isil.

His actions were rebuked by Simon Magorian from campaign group Unite Against Fascism.

Mr Magorian, who is also part of Facebook page Pompey Against The Nazis, said: ‘Cllr Gregory should apologise to all the people he has offended. He should be very careful as he is in an elected position and he should not be sharing the views of people that want to destroy our country’s democratic ways.’

Mr Magorian, from Portsmouth, labelled Britain First as ‘dangerous hypocrites’ and said the party uses Facebook to lure people into clicking, liking and spreading its policies.

He said: ‘It is a big problem. They will quite often post something saying “share if you agree”. This is how they get the likes. They will post things saying “our boys” or about the Royal family just to pull people in.’

Cllr Gregory said he had shared the two posts but he deleted them when he realised they originated from Britain First.

He said: ‘I agreed with the sentiment that’s why I shared them. I then deleted them because I saw they were from Britain First which is basically a fascist organisation.’

Cllr Gregory said he would be not be sharing the group’s posts again. He added: ‘There must be others that have shared their posts and then realised.

‘I will be checking more carefully in future as I do not back their politics. Their Facebook is a clever way of drawing people in to sharing their organisation.’

But Jayda Fransen, deputy leader of Britain First, said that the party was in the process of organising a day of action in Fareham, and she invited Cllr Gregory to attend.

She also labelled the criticism as a ‘political witch-hunt.’

Miss Fransen said: ‘We think it is appalling and indicative of all that is currently wrong with Britain that Cllr Gregory has been criticised for sharing posts.

‘Britain First is a registered political party, we believe in putting British people first in their own country.’