Fareham election round-up

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FAREHAM has voted in its first UKIP councillor, Christopher Wood, for the Crofton division.

Voters in Crofton turned out in by far the biggest numbers acrosss the borough, with a 45 per cent turnout.

Chris Wood won Fareham Crofton for UKIP

Chris Wood won Fareham Crofton for UKIP

Sitting Conservative councillor Tim Knight was beaten into second place, polling 1,764, to cllr Wood’s 2,691.

There have been seven seats up for grabs across six divisions in the area - there are two available in Fareham Town.

Portchester and Warsash recorded a 30 per cent turnout, Sarisbury 24, Titchfield 27 and Fareham Town 31 per cent.

The overall voter turnout was 31 per cent.

Sitting councillors were returned in all other divisions.

Cllr Wood, 23, said: ‘I’ve achieved this through hard work, being born and bred in Stubbington – I’ve lived there all my life, and despite holding down a full-time job.

‘It’s just through talking to people, listening to there issues and representing people.

‘We have had houses built in Stubbington for decades without without the extra infrastructure to accomodate it, and that’s not right.

‘This is change that’s been a long-time coming in our area.

‘I’m very proud to represent my home village.

‘I’ve energised people who’ve not come out to vote before, and who’ve not been listened to by other parties.

‘I’ve campaigned purely on local issues – it’s a local election – and the public have responded to that.

The former Bay House student, who works in customer services for Skandia, added: ‘I got into politics because I thoroughly enjoy it. I studied economics, social studies and politics at Cardiff University, but I remember clearly when I was eight, sitting in my lounge in Hill Head for the 1997 general election results. I didn’t really understand the debates and what was going on, but it was clearly important.

‘I love this country and I’m British through and through, and of course I believe in the UKIP manifesto, but this was a local election.

‘Other UKIP candidates may have campaigned on immigration, but I chose not to do that.

‘There have always been questions for UKIP about whether the national vote would translate locally and it will be interesting to see what happens next for us.’

Cllr Wood ran in the last Fareham borough elections for a Stubbington seat, and came close to causing an upset that night, coming to within a couple of hundred votes of sitting Tory cllr Kay Mandry.

For first-time candidate for the Green Party Miles Grindey, it has been a hectic couple of days.

The 18-year-old spent this morning at Queen Alexandra Hospital having surgery after getting his finger bitten by a dog as he was out on the Warsash campaign trail.

Mr Grindey had his ring-finger bitten as he put a leaflet through the door. After visits to his GP and Gosport War Memorial Hospital, Mr Grindey was referred yesterday to QA.

But on Wednesday evening he was told they would have to keep him in overnight.

He said: ‘I had the operation this morning at about 8.30am, it was done by 9.30am and I left by about 11am.

‘It was frustrating though because I had everything planned out, what I wanted to do in the last two days.

‘But I was on Twitter a lot and really working the social media side of my campaign.’

Only the Fareham Town results are outstanding.