Fareham MP blasts BBC as ‘Brussels Broadcasting Corporation’ at Brexit Q&A

WHY vote Leave? Why resign from the Brexit department role? What happens next and how will you vote?

Monday, 4th March 2019, 9:10 am
Updated Monday, 4th March 2019, 10:15 am
Suella Fernandes at Portchester Community School Hall, White Hart Lane, Portchester, holding a Brexit Q&A. Picture: Duncan Shepherd

Those were just some of the questions answered by Fareham MP Suella Braverman at her second Brexit Q&A session where she branded the BBC the ‘Brussels Broadcasting Corporation’ and told her constituents she is ‘not afraid of a no deal Brexit’.

She said: ‘I believe the UK should be sovereign in its law making and we should have the final say. We should not allow a court in Brussels to override us.’

Mrs Braverman also said in terms of migration the UK had become a ‘soft touch’.

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Suella Braverman Brexit Q&A session

Regarding her decision to resign as a junior minister for Brexit, she told the attendees that she could not agree with the deal set out by the prime minister.

She said: ‘I don’t want to be complicit in 10 years time to the biggest mistake our country has made. ‘I am not afraid of a no deal Brexit and wouldn’t it be great if our prime minister got up tomorrow and said to the EU ‘I am just going to walk away’.’

Mrs Braverman was appointed as a parliamentary under secretary of state at the Department for Exiting the European Union in January last year, but resigned in November.

She previously told The News: ‘It was a significant day for me and it was not an easy decision. However, I want to be able to look people in Fareham in the eye and know that I have done right by them.’

At Friday’s Brexit event, which was held in Fareham Community Church, Nick Bird questioned the mother-to-be on the ballot paper question ‘should there be a second referendum?’

She answered: ‘No-one can agree what should be on the ballot paper and a second referendum does not solve the uncertainty but only creates more.’

A vote on the prime minister’s latest Brexit deal is set to take place in approximately two weeks, but Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan accused Theresa May of ‘recklessly running down the clock’.

Resident Colin Ponsford said: ‘It was a good event and I agree with what Suella had to say. 

‘In terms of migration I have previously applied for visas in America and Australia and they were both rejected and I respected that decision. I don’t think that happens here and it needs to.’

It comes after Mrs Braverman faced a backlash online about her previous Brexit Q&A session from the likes of comedian Jennifer Saunders and Holby City actor Catherine Russell over the age of the audience.

Writer and presenter Danny Wallace commented: ‘Which hospice was this please?’ while Twitter user Paola Thomas wrote: ‘I’ve hosted bigger dinner parties. They usually include some people under the age of 85 too. Aren’t you embarrassed to Tweet this?’

Mrs Braverman hit back at the replies and told The News the comments were ‘highly ignorant’ and ‘offensive’ and that ‘the demographic of those present is irrelevant’.

Speaking about her latest event, she added: ‘This was another excellent event.

‘I make no apology for who attends my meetings. Everyone has a right to find out more and everyone’s voice should be heard.’