Fareham news service for the blind grills MP about her work

A SERVICE providing news coverage for the partially blind and disabled grilled an MP about her work.

Tuesday, 13th September 2016, 6:22 am
Updated Thursday, 15th September 2016, 3:58 pm

Fareham MP Suella Fernandes was interviewed by Fareport Talking News.

Interviewer and chairman of Fareport TN, Carl Carter, asked Suella a range of questions, including how Prime Minister’s Questions works and why for some Commons debates only a few MPs appear to be present.

Mr Carter also discussed the Fareham MP’s high public visibility in the constituency and asked of her experience representing the people of Fareham 18 months on from the 2015 general election.

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Praising the charity for providing accessible news to her constituents, Ms Fernandes said: ‘I thank and commend the Fareport TN team for the work they do, giving people the opportunity to stay informed and get the news they want in an easily accessible way.’