Fareham Ukip councillor demands an apology from critics

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A COUNCILLOR has hit back at opponents after he said he was criticised for his youth.

Chris Wood, 25, is Ukip’s sole councillor on Fareham Borough Council representing Fareham Crofton ward.

It comes after Cllr Wood proposed to give council workers a lump sum payrise rather than a percentage-based award at a full council meeting last Thursday.

As reported, while his amendment was supported by some, it was voted down.

But Cllr Wood said: ‘I was absolutely appalled by the arrogant, out-of-touch attacks levelled against me by some Conservative councillors.

‘To focus upon my age and experience, rather than the policy which could have been implemented was quite wrong.

‘I am a full-time councillor, however as many in the chamber know I used to work 70 hour weeks and took a pay cut to get elected.

‘I am quite frankly disgusted by some of the member’s comments and expect a full apology from them.’

He said Conservative councillors attacked him on grounds of apparent lack of experience and work ethic.

Cllr Wood claims his amendment could have saved the council £49,000.