Field behind pub earmarked for travellers’ site

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THERE is anger over plans to build a travellers’ site for up to 35 people in a tiny hamlet.

Worlds End, near Hambledon, has a population of just 75 and residents say the site will change the character of their rural home.

Plans have been submitted to Winchester City Council for eight plots big enough for a mobile home, a touring caravan and a day rom – a small mobile home – on each plot.

The land is just behind the Chairmakers Arms, in Forest Road, where the speed limit is 60mph.

The Highways Authority has objected on the grounds that it is too dangerous for cars to be pulling into and out of on a regular basis.

The breweries which own both The Chairmakers and the nearby Horse and Jockey have objected along with many residents.

In a represent to the council Dr Mark Hargreaves said the plans are, ‘wholly detrimental to the rural character of this area and will represent unjustified visual clutter and untidiness.’

He added: ‘There are no grounds to support a further eight permanent dwellings in this area.

‘In addition, the site is immediately next to an attractive country pub and this will have a deleterious effect on this important amenity and likewise a busy public house is likely to have an adverse effect on the approximate 20 children who may live on this site.

‘The access to this site is both close to the busy road junction at The Chairmakers Pub and to an awkward blind corner to the south. This road is increasingly busy and notorious for road traffic accidents and is no place to site a development of congested mobile homes with no place for children to play.’

And David Owen said: ‘The design is not in keeping with existing buildings and accommodation and there must surely be serious concerns regarding safety issues with such a busy road carrying fast commuter traffic from Fareham and Waterlooville adjacent to the development.’

WS Planning, which is acting on behalf of a large traveller family, did not want to comment on the application.

Residents have until June 25 to make representations.