Fight dealers, traffickers and low-lifes – MP

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MP CAROLINE Dinenage has urged the government to tackle the problem of dealers and traffickers in the war on drugs.

Home Secretary Theresa May announced plans for a new National Crime Agency on Wednesday.

It will replace the Serious and Organised Crime Agency, co-ordinating police forces to fight organised crime.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Mrs Dinenage said: ‘Speaking to police, head teachers and community workers in my constituency, it is clear the biggest cause of crime, poverty and deprivation is drugs.

‘With the best will in the world, having more police on the streets will not tackle the root cause of that problem.

‘It is about tackling dealers, traffickers and low-lifes who most benefit from the proliferation of drugs on our streets.’

Mrs May replied: ‘Yes, we need to tackle the drugs threat at all levels.

‘My honourable friend is absolutely right that we need to look at organised crime groups plying this trade and bringing drugs into the country. ‘

The new agency will also help secure the country’s borders.

Mrs Dinenage added: ‘We need to address the problem at the source and I’m confident these new proposals will go some way to achieving that.’