Fire Brigades Union welcomes Jeremy Corbyn’s speech

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FIREFIGHTERS across the UK will be “heartened” by new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s speech today, the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) chief has said.

Matt Wrack, FBU general secretary, said Mr Corbyn’s address at the Labour Party Conference was a “turning point in British politics”.

In a statement today, Mr Wrack said: ‘Corbyn’s speech was one of hope, offering a real alternative to the Tory agenda of cuts, austerity and attacks on workers.

‘Firefighters and trade unionists alike will be heartened to have a Labour leader who is on their side for once.

‘Blairite MPs need to respect the wishes of the vast majority of Labour members and supporters who delivered Jeremy Corbyn a decisive leadership win.’

Mr Wrack added that the campaign to elect Mr Corbyn as Labour leader was ‘just the start, not the end of the campaign for a new politics that can deliver for working people’.

He added: ‘The wider Labour movement now urgently needs to support and organise around this campaign.

‘The Labour Party through Corbyn now has the opportunity to offer the public a real alternative. Instead of this government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich we need a movement on behalf of the majority.

‘Corbyn’s election offers us the chance to build that.’

The FBU first showed its support of Corbyn’s leadership in June.

It comes amid years of trouble for firefighters, national, who have been blighted by cuts to fire stations, equipment and jobs since 2010.

Last year was the wort for firefighter job losses, with 1,843 roles being axed across the UK.

Earlier this month, The News revealed how sweeping cuts would be effecting Hampshire Fire and Rescue.

The service needs to save around £12.2m over the next four years.

Plans would see an upgrade in vehicles but would be manned by fewer firefighters.

More than 200 frontline posts would be lost over four years, Nigel McCullen chairman of the Hampshire FBU said.