Flats will keep same name after objections

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A SHELTERED housing scheme being rebuilt will retain its old name after councillors decided to scrap plans to name the block in memory of former alderman Ernest Crouch.

Fareham Borough Council had mooted its intention to dedicate the block, currently named Collingwood House, to Mr Crouch, to recognise the years of work he put in on the housing committee as a councillor. Mr Crouch died in November, aged 86.

Residents who are due to move back into the block, off Stow Crescent, when it is finished in January, objected to the change of name and said they wanted to retain the name Collingwood House.

Chairman of the housing tenancy board, Cllr Peter Davies, said he had been to visit the tenants and the 12 residents were unanimous.

Leader of the council, Cllr Sean Woodward, agreed the block would retain its name at the latest executive meeting.

The residents came to a compromise with the council and agreed to name their new communal space the Ernest Crouch lounge.