Portsmouth MP backs a new cancer campaign

Flick Drummond with former bone cancer patient Jamie Wood
Flick Drummond with former bone cancer patient Jamie Wood

AN MP has pledged her support for a new campaign to raise awareness of a type of cancer.

Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond has got behind making the public aware of primary bone cancer after discovering survival rates have remained unchanged for 25 years.

The Biggest Fight Against Bone Cancer initiative was unveiled in Westminster this week, where ministers also learned patients who survive the disease often face disability as a result of life-altering surgery and treatment.

Each year in the UK and Ireland, 600 new cases of primary bone cancer – which mainly affects young people aged 10 to 24 – are diagnosed.

About 300 people die from the cancer each year.

Mrs Drummond said: ‘It was very disturbing to hear little has changed for those diagnosed with this disease in a quarter of a century, especially when compared with advances in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of other cancers in this time.

‘It’s clear more awareness is needed of primary bone cancer to try and improve survival rates and I am happy to support this campaign.’

The main symptoms are bone pain which may come and go and/or swelling which can be mistaken for growing pains or other common medical conditions such as tendonitis or arthritis.

For more information about the campaign, visit www.thebiggestfight.org