‘Floating’ cycle hire scheme recommended for Portsmouth

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A ‘FLOATING’ bike hire scheme has been recommended for Portsmouth.

Following discussions with various parties, the city council is set to move forward with a ‘Boris Bike’ style cycling scheme for the city.

The schemes proposed are either ‘dock’ in which users are required to park the bike in a specific location or ‘floating’ in which the bikes self-lock and left within a zone.

In a report for the council’s cabinet member for transport, Councillor Simon Bosher, he is recommended to push for a floating scheme.

The floating scheme has been evidence in other UK cities such as Oxford, Bristol and recently in Southampton.

Tristan Samuels, the council’s new director of regeneration writes: ‘It is considered that the floating scheme is the best option for the city as it provides a more accessible and cheaper bike option than the docking equivalent.’

He explains that given the risks of the floating scheme, a deal will have to be struck to give the council better control where they can be parked.