Fly-tipped rubbish is cleared from country lane by council

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FLY-TIPPED rubbish that blighted a country lane has been cleared up by the council.

As reported, residents were upset at the mess which had been dumped in Pigeon House Lane, Southwick, and they had complained to Winchester City Council.

People raised concerns about how long it took the council to clear up the mess and about the depth of the council’s investigation to catch the culprit.

Dog walker Samantha Mills, from Paulsgrove, took photographs of the rubbish, including a utility bill which had a name and address on it.

She was unhappy as the council told her that due to the rubbish being tampered with, it could not investigate further.

But a council spokesman confirmed yesterday that the rubbish has now been removed.

He said: ‘Winchester City Council dealt with the reports of fly-tipping in Pigeon House Lane within target response times.

‘The council investigates incidents to see if the culprit can be found. We ask the public not to remove potential evidence from a fly-tipping site.

‘If someone other than a council officer removes an item from a scene it provides the perpetrator with an opportunity to dispute how it was found.

‘The council records location, takes photographs and notes exactly what has been found before recovering the evidence in case it is necessary to go to court.’

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