Fly-tippers give elderly woman years of misery

ANGRY Rosemary Bark
ANGRY Rosemary Bark

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AN elderly woman recovering from cancer has waged a nine-month campaign to stop fly-tippers from using the alley behind her house as a dump as it is making her life a misery.

Rosemary Bark, 83, lives in Hampshire Street in Buckland. She said the problem has been going on for two years, but she finally reported it to Portsmouth City Council in September last year.

Mrs Bark says the rubbish being dumped in the alley way stops her from using her back gate to get in and out of her garden – and could put a stop to her house being sold.

She said: ‘There are three bikes, a giant bag of rubble, cans and broken bottles out there now.

‘It is all outside my garden, I seem to be the only one affected. I have had people in, including the council, but nobody has been able to do anything about it.’

After contacting the council last year a letter was sent out by the authority’s environment department urging Mrs Bark’s neighbours not to leave their rubbish in the alley.

The letter went unheeded and the problem, Mrs Bark says, is as bad now as it has ever been.

She added: ‘It has been going on for about two years, it stops me from going out of my garden,’ said Mrs Bark.

‘Nobody can get in to do anything. How can I sell my house with the alley in that state?’

No-one from the council’s environmental team was available when contacted by The News.

However, Fratton ward councillor Mike Hancock, said the area’s alleyways were particularly vulnerable to fly-tippers.

He said: ‘The city council takes this very seriously indeed and we would love to get some prosecutions.

‘This type of thing is a real scourge on modern urban life.’

He has said he will take Mrs Bark’s problems on, and urges anyone who sees any fly-tipping to take pictures on their phones and send them to the council.

He added: ‘Lots of people in this area have similar problems and it really can be unbelievably awful.

‘Some people dump household rubbish with it which encourages rats and foxes.

‘They don’t think of others who have to live by it.’