Football club’s karaoke bid leads to a war of words

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A ROW has broken out after a football club applied for the right to have live music and karaoke.

East Hampshire District Council received 11 letters of objection after Horndean Football Club applied to extend its licensed activities.

As well as entertainment, the club, in Five Heads Road, wanted to increase its opening times for selling alcohol to 1am on Fridays and Saturdays.

But nearby residents were worried about noise and rowdiness.

Resident Steve Keogh wrote: ‘The noise produced by this club is excessive, inclusive of the rowdy behaviour outside, cars leaving late at night, and racing up and down the road and hanging around the car park, doors open and music blasting.’

Rita Butland stated: ‘Over the 40 years I have lived here we have been subjected to late-night noise parties, drunken and rowdy behaviour, fights and loud music which is worse during the light evenings.’

The club has undergone a refurbishment and provides a venue for three darts teams, a pool club, a pigeon club and eight football teams.

Club director Ian Sheppard said it was good news the club was thriving as so many licensed establishments are closing.

He said: ‘We have a karaoke machine. It’s been used occasionally – not that often.

‘But when we applied for the licence, I thought we would go for a multitude of things so we are fully covered in future.

‘We are covered for any events that we hold in the club, as in karaoke, live bands, gentlemen’s evenings.

‘From our point of view, it’s not to have wild parties until midnight and take on The Colonial Bar.

‘It’s to allow us to serve the people who use the club and allow us to have parties on the occasional Saturday.’

Councillors decided to grant a licence to allow alcohol to be sold from 8am to midnight seven days a week.

Recorded music and karaoke can be played from 8am until midnight, with live music being allowed from 4pm to midnight every day except Sunday. Windows of the club must be kept shut after 11pm.