Forces unite in campaign to stop estate being built

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A DEVELOPER’S plans to build 1,550 homes in the strategic gap between Fareham and Gosport has run into more opposition as another petition is set up against it.

Hallam Land Management wants to build a housing estate on green fields off Peak Lane.The proposed estate will have a pub, primary school, health centre, allotments, adventure play area and playing fields.

Residents in nearby Stubbington were unhappy at the plans and ward councillor Jim Forrest handed in a petition containing more than 300 names to Fareham Borough Council.

Now, the wards on the other side of the proposed development have joined forces to distribute another petition, which will be handed in when the planning application from Hallam Land Management is considered by Fareham Borough Council.

Hallam Land Management is yet to submit an application, despite holding two days of exhibitions at Fareham Leisure Centre.

Fareham west ward counillor Leslie Keeble said residents were so upset after viewing the plans at the exhibition, he decided to start another petition.

The petition objects to housing development on land behind Longfield Avenue, Rowan Way and Stubbington.

Cllr Keeble said: ‘It is personal choice if people sign it. However, this will be a hostile application when it does go in.’

Fareham South councillor Trevor Howard said he would do all he can to make sure people have the chance to sign the petition if they wanted to.

Cllr Howard said: ‘People should sign this petition if they are against the development, and the sooner the better.

‘It would be most regretful if we do not get a petition together and stop it.

‘If residents do not make their feelings known then whatever happens is down to them. They need to make their voices heard now, it’s no good grumbling afterwards.’

The petition is available to sign at Richards Newsagents in Anjou Crescent and at Broadlaw Walk Community Centre. Anybody who wants to host a petition should email Cllr Keeble

Hallam Land Management was contacted by The News but did not respond in time.